Karalee Summit Milky Way

Karalee Summit Milky Way

Possibly one of the flattest summits you might find, the top of Karalee Rocks appears more like a plateau when you finally reach it! The summit is a good 20 minute walk from the camp site and when you’ve been going to the summit via interesting photographic stops it easily becomes a 3 hour hike over uneven rocks.

Here the summit Cairn can be seen in the centre of the image with its tall pole pointing towards the Milky Way and stars which are overhead. Visible in the Milky Way is the central region of the Milky Way bulge including Sagittarius, Corona Australis, Serpens Cauda and Scutum constellations. Scorpius is partially visible at the top of frame.

The red dirt of the Goldfields region of outback Western Australia is visible in the foreground along with hardy plants of the rocky outcrops.

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