Smiley Face Conjunction over Twilight Lake With Trees


Smiley Face Conjunction –  with Moon, Jupiter and Venus.



Smiley Face Conjunction (Moon, Venus and Jupiter) with ducks over lake with tree silhouettes.

Smiley Face Conjunction (Moon, Venus and Jupiter) with ducks over lake with tree silhouettes.

Taken in the evening twilight of December 1st 2008 this photograph is of the smiley conjunction of the Moon, Venus and Jupiter, as seen from Perth, Western Australia. The trio shine brightly above the foreground lake.

Twilight colours filter over the lake and sky, with the still water of the lake only broken by 3 ducks swimming past. The three celestial objects shine brightly in the top left-centre of frame above the silhouette of a foreground tree.

A “conjunction” in astronomical terms is when celestial objects appear close to each other from our perspective. In this case the Moon and planets Jupiter and Venus appear close and are in “conjunction”. This does not mean they are physically close to each other, it simply means they appear close from our perspective. Conjunctions are enjoyable to photograph, often making a nice nightscape or landscape scene. The general public also associate strongly with conjunctions, even if they don’t know of them in that way, because the celestial objects are usually more noticeable in the night sky, and so people take note of their presence.

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