Panoramic Magellanic Clouds and Milky Way Silhouettes


The Magellanic Clouds with foreground silhouettes.



Panoramic Magellanic Clouds and MIlky Way Silhouettes

This has to be my favourite panoramic photograph, as it captures the wonderful wide panoramic view of the night sky from country Australia.

The Milky Way is setting behind silhouettes of trees in the camp ground. The Magellanic Clouds are moving around the south celestial pole to the left of the photo. The colour of the Milky Way is soft and true to representing the actual feel of such an evening under the stars. Canopus is the bright star just barely above the horizon under the Magellanic Clouds.

Technically this photograph was a significant challenge. It is a mosaic of two fields of view, each shot at wide angle. Each field of view comprised of many long exposure photographs. So, to make the final result required first merging the several photographs of each field, then blending the panoramic, and then colour matching the two sides as during the hours taken to capture all photographs the atmospheric conditions changed such that the colours were different. After many hours of processing the photographs we arrive at the final result shown here.

This photograph is best at a large size such as 80cm because it is quite narrow in height (only 20cm at the 50cm size).

I am able to have this photograph printed on aluminium for a ultra-modern gloss appearance. This does give a great result. If you are interested in this please contact me to receive a quote.

This astrophotograph can be purchased digitally for self-printing, use in books and publications, corporate material, marketing material, etc. Contact me to organise a copyright agreement.

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