Moon Silhouettes


The Moon beautifully silhouetted by trees.



Superfull Moon with Silhouettes 23rd June 2013

Sometimes called the “Superfull Moon” when at it’s closest approach to Earth for a year, here the Moon appears larger due to the slightly closer distance.

Having risen only moments earlier, it appears and disappears between the branches and leaves of trees, as clouds low on the eastern horizon threaten to diminish it’s show but instead only add an element of fantasy to the scene.

This photograph of the moon shows it nicely framed by silhouettes of gumtrees.

As with all my prints, these are true long lasting photographic prints, individually prepared and signed by me the photographer. Each print is shipped with care information and identification label for framing

This astrophotograph can be purchased digitally for self-printing, use in books and publications, corporate material, marketing material, etc. Contact me to organise a copyright agreement.

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