Emu Sitting (Milky Way)


The Milky Way stands tall above the historic Karalee Aqueduct in the Goldfields region of the Western Australian outback.



The Emu, a shape outlined by the dark and light areas of the Milky Way is a figure recognised by Australia’s indigenous populations. Here The Emu is seen effectively sitting on the ground, on the red dirt and rock of the Karalee Rocks. Karalee Rocks is known for Emus visiting and drinking from the rock pools, as evident by the numerous emu droppings/skats visible across the rock. This makes the Emu in the sky all the more topical for this particular location!

At the top of the photograph is the constellation of Crux (the Southern Cross) and pointers. Above that even is the nebula region of Eta Carina Nebula. Thin cloud wisps through the image adding an extra element of interst and uniqueness.

In the foreground trees and rocks of Karalee Rocks can be seen, showing the vibrant red of Outback Australia, long with my backpack to add the human element. A small rock pool such as those visited by the Emu’s for water is in the far bottom left.

As with all my prints, these are true long lasting photographic prints, individually prepared and signed by me the photographer. Each print is shipped with care information and identification label for framing

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