June 23rd Superfull Moon

The term “supermoon” or “superfull moon” is enough to make the marketing skeptic in me cringe, but alas one must sometimes play along with the game, and use such opportunities as a good excuse to get out and about with the camera. On the 23rd June the moon was at its closest to Earth for this year, at which point it looked marginally larger from our perspective. The variation is due to its non-circular orbit around Earth. The next such occurrence is August 10th next year (source).

I took a few snaps of the Moon last night to record the event and have something fun to share. It is a good excuse to get the camera out. This is the first image I have processed, showing the Moon and silhouetted gumtrees (very Australian I thought!):

Superfull Moon with Silhouettes 23rd June 2013

and … Here is a second photograph from the same evening a bit earlier when the moon was lower and more orange, a nice wider field take on silhouettes with the “supermoon” (I keep expecting to see a caped superhero flying past, don’t you?):

Superfull Moon with Silhouettes (panoramic)