Astrophotography Workshops

Roger Groom, who runs this website Astro Photography Australia also hosts workshops on astrophotography in Perth Western Australia. This page outlines the current workshops planned. Follow links to the workshop information to make bookings or enquire.

I am passionate about astronomy and astrophotography, and love having any excuse I can to get others enthused also.

I am based in Perth, Western Australia and currently that is where I run my workshops. If you are interested in me running an Astrophotography Workshop for you, your community group, photography club, etc then you are welcome to contact me. All courses are night-time or weekend subject to my availability.

One-on-One Astrophotography Workshop Tuition in Perth
(on demand)

Get together with a friend or two to share the cost or just book for yourself, and enjoy an awesome night under the stars learning to use your camera for astrophotography!

I am happy to provide private lessons and workshops on Astrophotography. This can be done at the Perth Observatory, your home, at selected parks and reserves, or at my personal private dark sky site, suitable to yours and my location. Lessons can be as long or short as you wish with the minimum being one hour, and may span several nights. A common approach is one night of three hours.

One-on-one workshops can be just for yourself or a group of friends. Up to five people works well for being able to dedicate sufficient time to each person in the group.

My broad experience with Astrophotography means that I can help you with not just Nightscapes but other forms of astrophotography also (Deep Sky, Planetary, lunar, solar and many more). These might be with a telescope or just your camera on a tripod.

Cost: $100 for the first hour then $80/hour. Payment by EFT or in person (cash or PayPal Here credit card service). Contact Me to discuss what you would like to learn. You will be amazed how much you learn in simply two to three hours.

Vouchers available – contact me.

Astrophotography at the Perth Observatory

If you are interested in attending an astrophotography workshop at the Perth Observatory you can do so by attending one of my workshops below, or by booking a 1-on-1 workshop with me as per above.

Since 2013 I have run more than 10 awesome workshop nights at the Perth Observatory with all participants overwhelmingly happy with their results and the fun nights.

Perth Observatory day & night Astrophotography Workshop

When: Saturday 10th March 2018 12:00 midday – 10pm
Where: Perth Observatory, Bickley WA
How to book: Contact Perth Observatory

More details TBA

One day Shoot Workshops “Nightscapes & Exploring Astrophotography”

When: 5th May 2018, 10am – 4pm
Where: Shoot Workshops, Stirling St Perth.
How to book: See Shoot Workshops Website
Note: Optional night at the Perth Observatory on a following date to be determined.

This 1-day workshop is perfect for those who are experienced in photography and would love to learn about astronomy and astrophotography – providing you with the theory, content and experience to produce your own night sky images.

This one day workshop will give you the fundamental understanding of nighscapes and astrophotography – which will offer you various astrophotography techniques that can help you get started in your chosen field. Learn how to produce nightscapes, wide field deep, lunar and solar photography.

There is an optional night component held at the Perth Observatory.

More information:

Stargazers Club WA – Astrophotography for Beginners

When: Saturday April 14th 2018 – time TBA
Where: Bendat Community Centre, 36 Dodd Street, Wembley
How to book: Contact Stargazers Club WA

I am delighted to be invited back for another beginners astrophotography workshop by Carol Redford for her Stargazers Club WA. The last workshop was great fun and a fantastic broad introduction to astrophotography. This new workshop is aimed at the base level beginner, introducing camera basics such as ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed, and how these are employed for astrophotography, through to an introduction on astrophtography and techniques to get you started.

Our location for this workshop will give us the opportunity to photograph the city skyline, moon and hopefully some brighter constellations in combination with these.

More information about the Stargazers club, and booking on the Stargazers Club WA website

More Workshops …

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