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The Waning [almost] Full Moon

The Waning [almost] Full Moon. 8 photographs merged in a mosaic, so there are some blending artifacts making this not a 100% accurate “map”. But hey, it looks good.

On the 13th April after leading a Full Moon tour at the Perth Observatory I took a moment to whip out my Fuji X-E2 and snap a mosaic of the Moon. This is a mosaic of 8 frames. There are some blending artifacts so don’t rely on this being a 100% scientifically accurate map of the Moon! (but hey, it looks good)

Blending mosaics of the Moon like this has become incredibly easy in recent years. The old days of 1990’s and early 2000’s photoshopping it would be a very manual affair with masks and adjustments. Now, a simple click will blend images of different brightness in to a seamless image. Photoshop doesn’t show any sympathy for all my painful hours of processing such moon mosaics in years gone by!

Moon, Jupiter and Spica

Moon, Jupiter and Spica from the 11th April 2017. Four moons of Jupiter are visible in the image also.

Jupiter has been moving through the night sky over the last few months as it becomes more of a evening object. It has been gliding past the bright star Spica and on the night of 11th April formed a nice triangle with the bright (99.7% illuminated) Full Moon. Above is a photograph from the night and below a photograph of the equipment taking some of the images.

Photographing the Moon, Jupiter and Spica on 11th April 2017. Shown is my Canon 6D on Megrez 80 tracked by my Astrotrac mount.

An oldie but a goodie – the Moon

The Moon, photographed using a Fuji X-E2 camera on a William Optics Megrez 90 telescope.

The Moon, photographed using a Fuji X-E2 camera on a William Optics Megrez 90 telescope.

Well, it may “just” be The Moon but it still satisfies an itchy camera trigger finger! This was a casual snap using my Fuji X-E2 on the Moon. To be honest it’s the first time I have used the Fuji for the Moon, and it performed very well as expected. Great low noise levels and fun using the remote connect and transfer app to the iPad, saving me craning my neck in to position to check focus. The v4 firmware update from Fuji for the X-E2 introduced Electronic Shutter, which makes for silent and vibrationless shooting which was fantastic in this case by removing the vibration otherwise introduce by the shutter. The lighter weight camera body compared to my 6D makes holding it firm on the telescope easier, as there’s less weight to pull on the focuser draw tube and associated fittings.

The moon was not quite full in this photograph, about 12 hours off being full, so you can see a little bit of shadow detail on the left.

The Moon – December 2015

The Moon - 20th December 2015

The Moon – 20th December 2015

Every now and then it’s fun to just whip out the camera and snap a straight forward photograph of the Moon. 20th December was just such an occasion for me, typically a deep sky and dark sky astrophotographer. There is something always satisfying about a simple, crisp, clean photograph of the Moon.

On this occasion the moon was a little of 9 days old, so becoming quite bright and round. It is photographed through my 90mm William Optics Megrez 90 APO telescope at a focal length of approximately 1200mm using my Canon 6D. Ordinarily in my workshops I advise using video for high resolution images of the moon, but as I also say rules are there for breaking and in this case it’s just a simple single frame out of the camera.