Southern Cross Silhouettes


The Southern Cross is framed perfectly by silhouettes.



Southern Cross SIlhouettes

One could argue that stars like the Southern Cross are more often seen through gaps in trees than out in the open. Looking through the trees at the stars gives a different feel to the experience, it relates you to your current environment – is is that you are alone in a dark area of remote bush? or sitting a camp fire with friends or family? Perhaps the a gentle breeze is blowing, causing the branches above you to wave slightly in the breeze.

This photograph represents an idea I held for a long time, but one which is very hard to execute. Not only do you need the appropriate outline of silhouettes to fit the Southern Cross within but you need to work through the technical challenges of long exposures amongst such cluttered silhouettes.

As part of my Astro Art collection of prints this photograph is designed more as an artistic representation of the sky than a pure and simple photograph. Best suited to printing large, perhaps 80cm tall for example, and on canvas or other artistic medium.

As with all my prints, these are true long lasting photographic prints, individually prepared and signed by me the photographer. Each print is shipped with care information and identification label for framing

This astrophotograph can be purchased digitally for self-printing, use in books and publications, corporate material, marketing material, etc. Contact me to organise a copyright agreement.

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