Solar Eclipse – 29th April 2014 (second half)


Solar Eclipse (annular) shown in partial phase – 29th April 2014. Second half of the eclipse.



Solar Eclipse - 29th April 2014. As the eclipse drew to an end more sunspots became visible on the solar surface.

Solar Eclipse – 29th April 2014. As the eclipse drew to an end more sunspots became visible on the solar surface.

On the 29th April 2014 there was a solar eclipse visible from southern Australia. The central region of the eclipse was actually far south, over Antarctica, meaning that from where it was visible on mainland Australia it was a partial eclipse.

This photograph features the view during the second half of the eclipse, when the Moon was moving out of alignment and revealing more of the surface of the Sun. This shows less of the eclipse, but more interesting sunspot activity on the Sun.

In Perth, Western Australia, I photographed the solar eclipse from my backyard, battling cloud which was quite heavy on the day. This photograph is one result from the afternoon, and shows the solar surface with sunspots, and the sharply defined edge of the Moon eclipsing the Sun. You can see the distinction between the edge of the Sun becoming less bright and appearing as a sphere, compared to the sudden shadow of the Moon.

This photograph was taken through a white light filter, and as such as a more white, somewhat blue-mauve tinge to it. This is the natural colour from my configuration of solar filter. It is common to see other photographs where the sun is an extremely rich Red, these are simply taken with a different brand of filter which result in a red colour. I prefer this white light filter, which also seems to give a sharper and more defined image with more surface detail visible not just in sunspots but other areas of subtle shading also.

Note: At this early stage I have not finished processing the raw images. Colours may vary from what you see here on actual prints.

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