Astro Mug: Constellation of Orion


Coffee Mug featuring the Constellation of Orion (also known as the Saucepan).

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This Coffee Mug, aka “Astro Mug” features a photograph of the Constellation Of Orion, with the beautiful pink colours of the Great Orion Nebula, the blue stars of Orion’s Belt and Orion’s Sword, and even a hint of Barnard’s Loop!

For those people in the southern hemisphere, the constellation of Orion is fondly known as The Saucepan. So, if you’re looking for a photograph of the Saucepan constellation then this is the one you are after.

Also available as prints.

Astro Mugs are ceramic coffee mugs with spectacular astrophotography printed on them, wrapping around both sides of the mug. They are a great idea for the office or home.

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