Astrophotography Workshops

Roger Groom, who runs this website Astro Photography Australia also hosts workshops on astrophotography in Perth Western Australia. This page outlines the current workshops planned. Follow links to the workshop information to make bookings or enquire.

I am passionate about astronomy and astrophotography, and love having any excuse I can to get others enthused also.

I am based in Perth, Western Australia and currently that is where I run my workshops. If you are interested in me running an Astrophotography Workshop for you, your community group, photography club, etc then you are welcome to contact me. All courses are night-time or weekend subject to my availability.

Why do astrophotography workshops with Roger Groom:

  • I have all the equipment or you to try with your camera including several different models of the leading ultra-portable tracking mounts common for nightscapes. Try before you buy.
  • I maintain a set of up to date adaptors for fitting your camera to a telescope including 15 T-Rings for Canon (including Canon R), NIkon (including Nikon Z), Sony (Alpha and E mount), Pentax (K and M42 thread), Olympus, Panasonic Lumix, Fuji X.
  • I have 20 years of astrophotography experience in a diverse range of subjects.

One-on-One Astrophotography Workshop Tuition in Perth
(on demand)

Get together with a friend or two to share the cost or just book for yourself, and enjoy an awesome night under the stars learning to use your camera for astrophotography!

I am happy to provide private lessons and workshops on Astrophotography. This can be done at the Perth Observatory, your home, at selected parks and reserves, or at my personal private dark sky site, suitable to yours and my location. Lessons can be as long or short as you wish with the minimum being one hour, and may span several nights. A common approach is one night of three hours.

One-on-one workshops can be just for yourself or a group of friends. Up to five people works well for being able to dedicate sufficient time to each person in the group.

My broad experience with Astrophotography means that I can help you with not just Nightscapes but other forms of astrophotography also (Deep Sky, Planetary, lunar, solar and many more). These might be with a telescope or just your camera on a tripod.

Cost: $100 per hour or part there of. Payment by EFT or in person (cash or PayPal Here credit card service). Contact Me to discuss what you would like to learn. You will be amazed how much you learn in simply two to three hours.

Vouchers available – contact me.

Astrophotography at the Perth Observatory

If you are interested in attending an astrophotography workshop at the Perth Observatory you can do so by attending one of my workshops below, or by booking a 1-on-1 workshop with me as per above.

Since 2013 I have run countless awesome workshop nights at the Perth Observatory with all participants overwhelmingly happy with their results and the fun nights.

New Norcia Astrophotography

When: Saturday 7th September 2019, 6pm – 9pm
Where: New Norcia, Western Australia
Cost: See Stargazers Club page – $119 for non-member adults
Class size: Maximum 20 photographers
How to book: Visit Stargazers Club WA Events Page

I have again teamed up with Carol Redford and the Stargazers Club WA for a fun filled evening of photography. I am so looking forward to this, Carol’s Stargazers Club WA events are always relaxed, fun and rewarding for the participants.

In this case we will have a more man-made environment to photograph than the usual forests, salt lakes and fields, by way of the wonderful structures of New Norcia.

We have chosen a phase of the moon which will provide some illumination of the beautiful buildings of New Norcia while also being not too bright to include the Milky Way in photographs. This makes the trip a great unique opportunity.

We will start the evening with an overview of how to photograph the night sky for the night and then wander the grounds for opportunistic photographs as they present. We have some ideas so will havea bit of a plan, if you wish to follow us. Throughout the night you are welcome to talk to me about all your astrophotography questions as I move about the group helping particiapnts. I like this relaxed format where you can do the photography you want, and ask the questions you need when you need.

Check out the full details of this workshop at the Stargazers club WA New Norcia event page.

You may wish to stay in the area for the night, saving the long drive back to Perth afterwards late at night. You will find accommodation information for New Norica on their webpage, and bookings are by phone (details at their site).

Photographing Gas Giants at Perth Observatory

When: Friday 13th august 7pm – 10pm
Where: perth Observatory, Bickley WA
Cost: $75 per person
Class size: Maximum 12 people
How to book: Visit the Perth Observatory page

Winter is planet season and this year both Jupiter and Saturn are putting on a fantastic show! Let’s make the most of this and get some great shots for you, using your camera, of the gas giant planets.

We will use the telescopes of the Perth Observatory, with camera adaptors supplied, to connect your camera to our telescopes. You will record raw footage of the planets and take that way with you to process and show your friends & family. There will be Four telescopes that the 12 people will be rotated between, allowing plenty of time to capture your images, share techniques with participants, try out your camera on different telescopes, and more.

In August I ran the first of these workshops and learned a lot from that experience. As a result we have in this second workshop decreased the capacity to 12 people, that is only three people per telescope, and promises to be a comfortable number for the evening.

Participants will need to have a good working knowledge of their camera for this workshop. That is, you should know how to use manual shutter speed, ISO, aperture. You should be able to navigate around your camera’s menu system to find settings such as Live View, zoom in/out on playback images and the Live View, and be able to use Photo and Video modes. A tip: Sit yourself in a dark room with your camera, with no torch, and get used to the button placement, menu options, to find your away around your camera in the dark. As for exactly what settings to use, we teach you that – you just need to be able to find those settings on your camera.

Before heading to the telescopes we will have a 30 minute theory session where Roger Groom will take you through the process of photographing the planets. We will talk about the equipment and software, and touch briefly on the image processing that you might do following the night.

At the time of booking please provide details of your camera brand and model so that we can appropriately cater for all guests. You are encouraged to bring your own camera T-ring adaptor if you have one, and also barlow lenses if you have those (using the equipment you have helps become more familiar with your own equipment). Please provide information at time of booking.

Camera brands and models that we cater for:

  • Canon EF mount
  • Canon R mount
  • Nikon (DSLR and Mirrorless Z mount)
  • Pentax K mount
  • M42 thread mount
  • Fuji X mount
  • Sony A mount
  • Sony E mount
  • Micro 4/3 (Olympus, Panasonic Lumix)
  • We also have a mobile phone mount, to hold your mobile phone at the eyepiece and record using your mobile phone.

If the evening is is too cloudy to photograph the planets the facilitator will make a call as to whether the practical is replaced with image processing tutorial indoors instead. Photographing the gas giants is possible with moderate levels of cloud and so we will proceed with the practical if at all possible.

Spring in to Milky Way Photography

When: Monday 23rd September 7pm – 9:30pm (theory) & Tuesday 24th September 7pm – 9:30pm (practical)
Where: Perth Observatory, Bickley WA
Cost: $125 per person for both nights.
Class size: Maximum 15 people
How to book: Bookings are now open, please book with the Perth Observatory via their website

This workshop is strategically timed to prepare you for the Spring Milky Way season, when the Milky Way will be setting in the west as the months of September, October and November go on. Our position on the west coast with the Indian Ocean to the weat provides many great opportunities for this time of year so lets make the most of it!

This is a different take on the milky way workshops, providing an avenue for those who cannot come to weekend courses. We will cover similar content to the day & night workshop normally run 1pm – 10pm on a Saturday, but over two nights and at a slightly higher level due to the small number of hours involved.

The first night will cover the “how-to” of Milky Way photography – What hardware (tripod, camera, mounts, lenses, etc) you would use, how to use it, camera settings, and much more.

The second night will be a practical on the grounds of the Perth Observatory. After a quick re-cap on the previous night’s information, and a laser sky-tour to familarise yourself with the spring night sky, you will be able to photograph the Milky Way from our observatory.

  • Use Roger Groom’s various tracking mounts to test whaty ou might wish to buy yourself.
  • Demo of setting up tracking mounts.
  • Ongoing assistance to help you get the right camera settings.

Perth Observatory Nightscapes day & night Astrophotography Workshop

When: Saturday 19th October 2019 1pm – 10pm
Where: Perth Observatory, Bickley WA
Cost: $180 per person for entire 9 hour workshop including dinner and refreshments for afternoon tea.
Class size: Maximum 15 people
Dinner: A dinner break will be held at 7pm, Subway or gourmet pizza catering provided
How to book: Booking will open closer to the time, you can put your name on a waiting list by contacting the Perth Observatory

This workshop is a nightscapes and wide-field astrophotography course at the Perth Observatory. During the afternoon we will work through the technicalities and how-to information in the theatre, showing all the hardware and software components, and putting all that together. Then after dinner (gourmet pizza provided) we will head to the observatory hilltop for practical.

In the case of weather that is not suitable for photography during the evening we will continue with image processing workshop until 8:30pm. The decision of whether to do practical or image processing is at the discression of the course facilitator.

See the Perth Observatory website for full details.

Lunar Photography

When: Saturday 9th November 2019
Where: Perth Observatory, Bickley WA
Cost: $75 per person
Class size: Maximum 20 people
How to book: Book at the Perth Observatory web page

This promises to be a fun relaxed evening of photographing the Moon on some fantastic telescopes using your camera.

Following on from the Gas Giants astrophotogrpahy workshop in August this will be a similar format where we have multiple telescopes set up ready to have your camera connected. The group size of 20 people maximum means you will have plenty of time to photograph the Moon.

Using a combination of Astro Photography Australia telescope and equipment, and the Perth Observatory telescopes, we will have a wide range of focal lengths (magnifications) and types of telescopes available. You will be able to take photographs of the moon that feature the full disk, and photographs that are at much higher magnification.

Before heading to the telescopes we will have a one hour theory session where Roger Groom will take you through the process of photogrpahing the Moon. We will talk about the eqiupment and software, and touch briefly on the image processing that you might do following the night.

At the time of booking please provide detials of your camera brand and model so that we can appropriately cater for all guests. You are encouraged to bring your own camera T-ring adaptor if you have one, and also barlow lenses if you have those (using the equipment you have helps become more familiar with your own equipment). Pleaes provide information at time of booking.

More Workshops …

There will be more workshops in the second half of 2019, yet to be posted here. Keep checking back or sign up to my newsletter if you are interested.

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