About Roger Groom

Roger Groom is the photographer and artist responsible for the astrophotography on this website. Astro Photography Australia was started as a spin-off from a regular market stall Roger held at the Kalamunda Village Markets for many years in the late 1990’s to early 2000’s.

Roger was born and still lives in Perth, Western Australia. Studying photography in highschool there was a gap of a few years while at university studying (Computer and Mathematical Sciences) before he took up Landscape, Macro and Nature photography in more earnest, still as a hobby. His interest in Astrophotography grew from this and his existing interest in space & astronomy from when he was a child.

Roger has a personal website where you can learn more about the other photography and astronomy projects he works on: www.RogerGroom.com

Roger Groom siting by his telescope under the night sky.