Monthly Archives: July 2019

Perth Observatory Night Sky Tour

Here I am again at the Perth Observatory, on a nice winter night with the Milky Way high in the eastern sky.

Friday 28th June I found myself yet again at the Perth Observatory, this time hosting a tour as a volunteer. Here is a photograph showing the beautiful winter Milky Way core rising in the east above one of the telescope domes that is used for public viewing.

This photograph of the Milky Way was a quick snap using my Fuji X-E2. It is a single 15 second exposure and uses my Samyang 12mm f/2.0 lens. No tracking, just my dodgy old 20 year old flimsy but very easy to cary “always in the boot of the car” tripod. 🙂

My next group workshop coming up is the Milky Way image processing workshop with Stargarzer Club WA on the 13th July.